9/9/2030 News

Halloween is approaching Pinewood. Some residents have already started plotting their haunted houses. The residents are hoping to take home the trophy for best haunted house of 2030. The best haunted house has been a tradition in Pinewood for the last 100 years. The contest was started by Allen hoover back in 1930. With this being the commemorative 100 year anniversary of the tradition residents have some big ideas for this year. Derek Anderson has made some comments about his haunted house. Derek did not say too much information about his haunted house due to wanting to keep it a surprise. However, he did mention it is the best one yet. As some of you may have known Derek has won the last 2 years in a row.

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Madrid has Fallen 9/2/2030

Breaking news has come to our attention today. As you may have known we have lost communication with Francis Epalstien out reporter in Madrid for the last few days. However, we were able to establish a communication line through a United States battle ship. Madrid Spain fell Aug 31st 2012. The Rayzene have constructed new robot technology and have pushed into Madrid. The United States and allied countries were forced to move back due to this new technology. Not much is known about these robots, but they are very sophisticated and are very dangerous.

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